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Intestinal Rehabilitation

What is Intestinal Rehabilitation?

Intestinal rehabilitation includes the use of multiple therapies and lifestyle changes to help make your intestine work better. The goal is to get you off of parenteral nutrition (PN, nutrition to your veins) and enteral nutrition (tube feeding).

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Part One Intestinal Rehabilitation: The Basics 

Part Two Intestinal Rehabilitation: Diet

Part Three Intestinal Rehabilitation: Medication

Part Four Intestinal Rehabilitation: Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

Hannah: Living with a Chronic Illness

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For Parents

Visit the Parent Resource Center on Transplant Unwrapped Kids for helpful downloads related to intestinal rehabilitation. A few useful resources are listed below.  

Intestinal Rehabilitation

Visit our main website to learn more about intestinal rehabilitation for kids with short bowel and other intestinal disorders.

Overview of Central Lines

A useful download on the types of central lines, possible complications, and a page to input information about your child's line.